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This site is dedicated to justice for Michael Silas, who was wrongly convicted, sentenced and has been serving over 30 years.



On May 14, 1991, I Michael Silas was falsely imprisoned along with 2 other males accused of a crime without fair due justice.  At a time when my legal representation arrived at a fork in the road between my future and a long awaited career opportunity, I also faced my motion being denied due to false witnesses even after they later publicly recanted their story of their own will.  Being locked up at 19, I am now 49 years old...the other defendant has since been released as of 2014 and conclusively admitted to solely committing the crime (with a an affidavit statement). 

After many motions and appeals being denied prior to this, I've decided to focus my time and energy in continuing to grow as a man of patience and wisdom.  This process has been challenging for me - however I believe that truth prevails no matter how blind justice may or may not be.  Love and hope both conquer all.

This site is represents my advocacy and voice as I wish to see my family and friends once again someday.  I am a son, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and leader who despite my circumstances and the ill-timing of the past, wishes to be treated equally and fairly upon my hearing and the presentation of new evidence in the court of law.



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