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I, Mr. Michael Silas, was locked up on May 14, 1991 alongside two other young men at the time, for a crime that I didn't commit.  I have filed several motions and appeals concerning my case and I also had a lawyer who didn't offer full representation because he applied for a job with the district attorneys office.  I wasn't made aware of this until 2002/2003 when I saw him on television for with-holding information on another case.  This was my trial lawyer who refused to let me take the stand and didn't tell me about a plea deal until 1 week before my trial.

I also found out 1-2 months after my trial (before I was sentenced to life without parole plus 20 years) that my lawyer was working for the district attorney's office which should've been a conflict of interest.  This lawyer couldn't represent me like he should've because he was going to work for the DA office.  It also should've been ineffective but nothing was done.

After filing motion after motion, one witness suddenly came forward admitting that their testimony was false, and that motion was denied.  Also in 2019, two more witnesses came forward and I filed another motion with newly discovered evidence, which was also denied.

At the age of 19 I went in, I'm now 49 years old and am holding out hope. Despite multiple witnesses coming forward...justice has not been served, meaning the injustice continues.

For myself and my family I'm asking for release as I did not commit a crime, and knowing these witnesses have come forward on my behalf.